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Gunji Taiho Jutsu

Gunji Taiho Jutsu is a martial arts designed by Professor Tony Pacinski for Military and First Responders ( Sensei Mike is a Black Belt 2nd Degree and Senior Instructor in Gunji Taiho Jutsu directly tested and awarded by Professor Pacinski on January 13th, 2024. At Gorilla Judo we use GTJ as the core foundation for the Dojo's curriculum. Sensei Mike certified the GTJ curriculum with CLEET so anyone with a CLEET license training at Gorilla Judo is elgible for CLEET CE credit. 


Brazilian JiuJitsu  

Gorilla Judo and BJJ Club is affiliated with Master Ricardo Cavalcanti. Master Ricardo is a fifth degree black belt under the legendary Master Carlson Gracie Sr.  Come learn an old school style of BJJ perfect for self defense and competition!  Coach Mike is a Black Belt in RCBJJ and a certified instructor! He received his black belt from Master Ricardo on 09/18/2021


Coach Mike studied Judo at USA Stars under Olympian and Olympic Coach Pat Burris. He is a second degree black belt in Judo and a  National Judo Coach certified by USA Judo.  We have adult and kids programs!

Catch Wrestling

We are a SAW affiliated dojo under the guidance of Coach Mike Martelle. Coach Martelle is a 5th degree black in SAW and head of the North American division.  SAW is a Japanese style Catch Wrestling! Coach Mike is a Black Belt in SAW under Coach Martelle!


Luta Livre and Gunji Taiho Jutsu

Luta Livre is Brazilian Submission Wrestling practiced without the formal martial arts uniform aka the gi.  We are proud members of the Luz Do Verao team led by Professor Tony Pacenski.

We are also an official training location for Gunji Taiho Jutsu.  A martial art designed by Professor Tony Pacenski specifically to meet the combative needs of First Responders and Military members.  The curriculum is certified by CLEET for CE credit. 

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